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Your Source for Class III AOW, Short Barrel Shotguns,  Suppressors, and More.


Your peace of mind is important at G-MAN Weaponry. Everyone wants value for their hard earned money. We sell quality products that are legal to own. We manufacture short barrel shotguns and suppressors.  We sell machineguns and other related items.  You can purchase these items to enhance your firearms collection and shooting experience.  We will help you get that "Peace of Mind" that is very important.  G-MAN sells to everyone, not just law enforcement.  


Let G-MAN give you that "Peace of Mind."    If you don't see it, Ask!    We have access to many Class III, and other firearm related items not shown.  Look for new shop to be open soon.  God Bless.

We know he is gone.


We realize that the process may be confusing to first time buyer. We will take the time to make sure you you understand the process.  G-MAN can help everyone interested in protecting their "Peace of Mind."

* Remember, You must comply with all State and Federal laws, as well as BATF rulings. Read our page entitled "Can I own a Machinegun?" for more information.


To those who are new to the game, Class 3's are dealers of NFA goods (machine guns, suppressors etc.), and Class 2's are manufacturers. The Class 2 license also allows them to deal in Class 3 firearms and suppressors. G-MAN is both a Class 2 and Class 3 Dealer.


We carry a full line of Hunting, Sporting, and Personal Defense weapons and accessories.  We are a Sig Sauer dealer and stock a lot of hard to find items at a fair price.  We can also handle your on line transfers.  Please give us a call.  We would love a chance to become your local dealer.  Click on the FFL link to get a copy of my FFL to start a transfer.

FFL for transfer




We are looking to buy machinegun parts kits and AOW's.  Turn those part kits and unused AOW's into cash.  Let us know what you have


We are now distributors for Bob Marvel's Custom Oil.  This metal treatment is the best thing to come along in gun care products.  Click on the bottle image for more details.






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